Our songs are written by the CityReach Baptist community and inspired by the teaching of the local pulpit for the glory of God!

In 2014 a song-writing and recording ministry called CityReach Music was established in Adelaide, South Australia, by Pastor Andrew Green when he gathered a group of young musicians and songwriters with this vision:

  • write songs

    inspired by the teaching of the local pulpit for the glory of God.

  • Exalt Jesus

    by declaring His Name to the city of Adelaide and abroad.

  • Be a platform

    for the gospel in Australia

  • Be a Resource

    for worship in churches around our country.

  • encourage

    hurting souls and remind them of the love and peace of God.

  • Bring Joy

    to believers as they listen and help them worship wherever they are.

Andrew Green, Jason Crinion, Sally George, Carl Robinson and Luke George, with the help of producer John Broadbent, have written 14 songs and created 2 projects: UNSEARCHABLE in 2014, and a self-titled EP in 2016. They have had songs picked up by Christian Radio Stations across the nation, including one, Spirit Rain, which topped the charts on Vision Radio for multiple weeks.
These songs have come out of the life of our church, CityReach Baptist. Our songwriters have been inspired by the teaching from our pulpit, and all the things that God has been doing in the life of the church, and in the lives of our friends and families. Just as God has inspired us, our hope and prayer is that we might be able to inspire and encourage you as you join us on our journey.

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CityReach EP

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1. Unsearchable Greatness
2. I Am Yours
3. Finished Work of Christ
4. Holy and Righteous
5. Spirit Rain
6. Victory Song
7. My Heart Sings
8. Among the Redeemed
9. My Everything