How to Overcome the Pattern of the World

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Genesis 19 and The Hard Reality of Soft Power

“But Lot Lingered…” (Genesis 19:16). There could be no more tragic words in the Bible. Lot had overcome nothing.

Even though Lot knew God was going to bring judgment on Sodom. Even though he knew that its destruction was imminent he did not want to leave.


Well, it was because he could not imagine how life could be worth living outside of Sodom. He didn’t want to come under judgment, but he really didn’t want to live the life of faith, a life with God at the centre.  You see, Sodom exerts a soft power on our hearts alluding away from reality and deceiving us with its strong delusions. Mark Sayers an Australian author writes this in his book ‘The Disappearing Church’,

“This soft power is lubricated by technology and the promise of consumerism. Through the mythologies of advertising, media, the Internet, and the instructive example of celebrity, a vast mental world is daily constructed in our minds, painting the possibility of a godless utopia— a secular heaven on earth in which an individual life is infused with pleasure, peace, and possibility achievable this side of death.”

Trusting God with our Joy

We are all living in a world that is right now exerting a soft power upon our hearts. We are all living in a world that is seeking to weaken our faith and trust in the living God and is seeking to sell the substitute of a godless utopia.   Unfortunately, many of us buy into that lie.  Unfortunately, like Lot we do not really believe that the life of faith, a life with God at the center could be all that rewarding.

So how do you overcome the seductive power of the world? How do you train your heart to turn away from the world and live the life of faith?  Well, your heart needs to be captured by a greater vision of God. You see, Lot’s understanding of God was too small. He believed that God could save him from judgment, but did not really believe that God could be trusted to provide for him a life of joy. That is why after he was saved from Sodom, he asked to live in Zoar, a miniature Sodom. So he was a believer in God, but never really drew close to God.

It is Possible to Overcome

Abraham, on the other had a big vision of God. He was a friend of God and took the time to cultivate a deep relationship with God. And because of that God revealed to him his holiness and power. And even though Abraham made mistakes like we all do, he continued to live the life of faith and left a legacy that still continues to this day.

Pastor Timon.

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