The Gospel and Living with the Fear of Death

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We’re All Going to Die

Recently I picked my son up from child-care and he brought up a surprising topic of conversation. He asked why our recently departed pet dog had to die. I explained (as best as one can to a 3 and-a-half year old) that death is a result of sin. I told him that the whole world is broken and because of it, people and animals die. This was a fairly deep question, which I’m starting to realise that children want answered. I wish adults asked ‘why’ more often like kids do.

It’s Not Fair, is it?

I tried to keep my answer to my son age appropriate. I tried using words that he would understand and concepts that he might grasp. But the more we talked about the problems of this world, the more upset he became. He began to cry and said, “it’s not fair that people have to die!” I felt his grief. Then we began to talk about how Jesus came to fix this sin problem of the world, which leads to all the death and suffering that we see. When we got home, he had moved on and wasn’t concerned about the issue anymore, kids can be funny like that.

Death Will Have it’s Day in Court

This week we discussed the same topic again, as I was dropping him off to his grandparents for the day. He asked me why people die, and so we went through the same background to the story, beginning with sin, and moving towards Jesus and his death to give forgiveness from sin and life in his resurrection. We talked about the broken world, and then he thought for a moment and said, “who’s going to fix it because it’s broken?” and I said “Jesus, Jesus is coming back to fix it”, I told him that Jesus is will return and make everything right. Then my son asked me “and there’ll be no more dying anymore”, I replied “yes son, he will wipe away every tear from our eyes and death shall be no more”. He liked the idea of that.

Lawson Hannaford