Why the Bible Cannot be Ignored

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You don’t have to go far to hear criticism of the Bible. There must be several translation errors in such an old book. There are so many inconsistencies. Science can easily prove the Bible false. … Read More

How do I know if I’m saved?

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If you died tonight, do you know for sure you’re going to heaven? For those who would answer ‘yes’ to this question, you could respond in two different ways. Yes, I think I’m going to … Read More

Why We Can’t Afford to Forget ANZAC Day

Wall of rememberance, Australian War Memorial, Canberra, ACT

As an annual public holiday, ANZAC Day can begin to seem like just any other day off work. Intellectually, we know April 25th is about remembering service people who lost their lives in military and … Read More

Why is Easter such a big deal?

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Where I grew up we didn’t have chocolate Easter eggs. When my sister and I were little, our mum would sit us down with real eggs and a few crayons and we would decorate the … Read More

Discipleship is not just for Jesus

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Why disciple someone? “Discipleship is so important!” says Lauren Crinion. “It’s the way we inspire others to grow into spiritual maturity and help others follow Jesus.” Lauren’s first experience of a discipleship relationship was when … Read More

Grow Up!: Finding Intimacy with God

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Growing a relationship Consider your relationship with your best friend. Remember when you were first getting to know them? The friendship still has to grow and there is so much still to know about them. … Read More

6 Reasons Christians should go to The Fringe

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Six Reasons Christians Should Go to the Fringe Adelaide comes alive in February and March. It gets hectic with Adelaide Festival of the Arts, WOMAD, Writer’s Week, Adelaide 500 and the Fringe Festival. The Fringe Festival … Read More

Finding Motivation for Ministry

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Leveraging Guilt How often have you felt like maybe you aren’t doing enough? Every year, just before tax time, organisations roll out ads with wide-eyed underprivileged children. They ask for sponsorship’s and donations, inspiring guilt … Read More