Help me! I’m losing control!

Letting your Father handle the situation The Lord Jesus lived his life at all times by the assumption that his Father was handling the situation. He lived his life at all times with the belief … Read More

3 Dangerous Misconceptions about Faith

Misconception #1 Faith is a mysterious force. Some think of faith as a force, as a mind-over-matter phenomenon. Some think it’s in the actual act of believing that something has the effect of making it … Read More

Walking Faithfully through Trials

Walking Faithfully Through Trials

Trials of Various Kinds Someone once said that life is a classroom, that life teaches you the greatest lessons. I will never forget when my family had to face one of life’s toughest exams. It … Read More

Why I love Risky Behavior

risk and faith

Risk is Important If there were two words that you could use to describe Christians and churches I don’t think it would be these words: RISK TAKERS. ‘Predictable’, ‘boring’ or even ‘routine’, but ‘risk takers’ … Read More

Help me! My Faith is Drowning!

The Pain of Doubt All Christians doubt. The strongest season of doubt for me came in 2011. I remember sitting in a fancy brown leather chair in a psychologist’s office, hands shaking and heart racing. … Read More