Equilibrium means equal balance and that is what we aim to help you achieve in your body.

We are a small studio that runs individualized Pilates and mat sessions. We are passionate instructors who provide quality teaching in small groups for affordable prices.

Our mat sessions are varied, consisting of 30 minutes of instructor directed movement with the option of independent cardio and weights after your session if desired.

Our Pilates sessions are individualized and use special apparatus. Pilates strengthens and tones the whole body, increases flexibility, improves posture, alleviates and prevents many body aches and pains, and is very helpful during and after pregnancy and enhances athletic performance.

You must book an assessment before joining a Pilates session. After your assessment you can attend any Pilates session that suits you. They are open to anyone and we have both child-friendly and child-free sessions.


Sarah and Tania
Managers, Cedar Sports Centre

[email protected]
0467 253 547

You can book a class & view our current timetable at the link below under the studio sessions tab or download our free app from the app store (Search for “equilibrium fitness studio”).

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