This seminar will help you AND help you to help others with biblical counsel.

All of us have those stubborn things in our lives that can be difficult to change. Even when we try our best we can end up feeling overwhelmed, exhausted and a failure. But the gospel brings hope for real change.

In May, Pastor Brian Morton will be coming from New Zealand to present a seminar called “Changing Hearts, Changing Lives”. Brian is an accomplished biblical counsellor with over 30 years experience in one-on-one counselling, teaching and training. 


Seminar Schedule

Seminar Session 1

Wednesday 16th May
6pm-9:30pm with dinner included. 

Gospel Parenting

Thursday 17th May
(Optional Session) 

Seminar Session 2

Thursday 17th May
6:30pm-9:30pm with supper. 

Seminar Session 3

Saturday 19th May
9:30am - 12pm with morning tea & coffee.