Leadership development is paramount to the call of the local church to further the gospel in our city and beyond (Acts 14:21-23). We believe that the Internship Program will challenge, inspire, equip, train, and clarify potential vocational gospel workers for long-term effective ministry, however, there is not an assumed vocational role in the church at the completion of an internship. With Jesus as head of the church, the process will draw out the weaknesses and strengths of the Intern and prayerfully develop a heart that is full of repentance and faith in humble servant leadership (John 13:12-20). This program is generally paired with full-time study at bible college and involves regular mentoring and spiritual development as a leader.

The format for the training is to engage the pastoral intern in hands-on ministry in the life of the church through leadership training and staff team participation, one to one discipleship, and a ministry project.

The general premise is that the Pastoral Intern will give one day per week (Mondays from 8:30 am-4:30 pm with flexibility for ministry responsibilities at other times) to the role in a volunteer capacity, join the leadership team and be available for church ministry in discussion with the lead pastor. The time given (excluding Sundays) is approximately 8-10 hours per week, which includes most meetings, ministry involvement, and working with key people in your project team. This is a 12-month commitment with the option to renew.

The Pastoral Intern will be a part of the staff team and meet weekly as part of the service and sermon review, prayer for the members of the church and the mission of the church as well as general duties around Sunday services. He/she will also have a weekly training time in leadership and spiritual formation with our NextGen Team. The Pastoral Intern will also receive experience in various aspects of Sunday church ministry and should be prepared for their skills and gifts to be developed significantly, this will include in-depth responsibility for leadership of a ministry(s).

Please contact [email protected] for more information.