Jesus Appeared to the Disciples

27th October 2019

Jesus Appeared to the Disciples


On the first day of the week, in the evening, Jesus’ friends met together in a house. They locked the doors because they were afraid. They didn’t want to be killed too. But now some of the friends were saying they had seen Jesus alive. Could it be true? As the friends talked, Jesus came and stood right there with them. “Peace to you!” He said. Jesus’ friends were afraid! Was this really Jesus? Maybe they were seeing a ghost.“Why are you afraid? It’s Me!” Jesus said. “Look at Me. Touch Me. A ghost does not have skin and bones, but I do. I am not a ghost.” Jesus showed them His hands and His side. They saw where Jesus had been hurt. Now Jesus was alive! What good news! The friends laughed and danced and sang songs because they were so happy to see Jesus! Jesus’ friends gave Jesus some fish to eat. Jesus talked to them and explained the Bible to them. “The Bible is about Me,” Jesus said. Then Jesus told them that they had a job to do. Jesus had died and was raised from the dead so that people could be forgiven for their sins. Jesus’ friends needed to tell other people to turn away from sin and be forgiven. “Peace to you!” Jesus said again. “God sent Me to earth. Now, I am sending you.” Then Jesus breathed on them and said, “Receive the Holy Spirit.” Jesus sent out His friends to tell all the people that He is alive.

Read: Luke 24:36-49, John 20:19-23 & 1 Corinthians 15:4


For 40 days, Jesus presented himself to at least 500 people and proved that He is alive. (1 Corinthians 15:3-8) Jesus is still alive today, He sends out believers to tell others about Him and gives us power through the Holy Spirit.

Remind your kids that Jesus told this to his disciples, but He wants us to do this as well. This is done through telling other people about the good news of Jesus Christ!

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Family Activity Idea: Work with your kids to learn classic illusions where objects “pass through” other objects. Remind them Jesus appeared for real, not as an illusion.


  • Why were the disciples afraid when they saw Jesus?
  • Why do you think it was hard for the disciples to believe Jesus was alive, at first?
  • Do you think you would find it difficult to believe? Why?
  • The disciples were instructed to tell everyone about Jesus, why is it important for us to do the same?


God, we thank You for the best news ever. Thank You for sending Your Son, Jesus, to die for our sins on the cross. We praise You because You have power over death and You raised Jesus to life on the third day as You promised in the Old Testament. Help us to share this amazing news with many other people.