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Welcome To Fuse

Life is full of different experiences and pressures, and when you enter a phase of life where you become more independent and responsible for your life, those things can get even more complicated. The world pulls you in every direction, seeks to distract you and overwhelm you, yet as a Christian you are called to be salt & light in the world. The earlier stages of independent adulthood requires intentionality and investment so people are well supported and empowered to live a life of worship and mission. FUSE is an affinity group of CityReach Oakden that meets for inclusive gatherings that seek to foster deeper friendships and evangelistic opportunity, whilst supporting people and their experiences in the earlier stages of independent adulthood. Whether you are a newly young married couple, a newly older married couple, married with children, married not keen on children, married yearning for children, a young single, an older single, a single struggling with singleness, a single thriving and content in singleness, a younger freshly graduated Uni student, an older newly enrolled Uni student, an adult in the work force, an adult struggling to find work in their desired field and training, this is a group where you are welcome!

As a community, Fuse aims to:

1. Gather to foster both Christian friendships but also provide an environment non-Christian’s would feel very welcome and love to be part of.

2. Identify opportunities and needs relating to the different groups of people within FUSE and address them.

3. Be an outward focused affinity group, looking for opportunity to serve the wider church community and bring joy to our city.


Let's hang out!

Fuse meets semi-regularly through community events that are fun, purposeful and enable us to ‘do life together’. We might simply do lunch together after a Sunday church service, we might be meeting for an epic game of lawn bowls, or we might serve together seeking to meet the needs of others. Future events will be listed below and further details found on our Facebook group. We welcome new people to join our community and encourage you to bring your friends along.

 See you at the next event!

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Directional Team

Jason Crinion leads FUSE and its directional team which includes his wife Lauren, and also Bruce & Kelly Whittington and Andrew & Sarah Bloomfield. Don’t hesitate to chat to any of them about FUSE or make a connection below.

Want to make a connection? We’d love to hear from you!