Leanne Thomson

Office Administrator, Women’s Ministry & Events Coordinator

Born into a Christian family, my mum lead me to the Lord when I was 8. My parents were involved in mission work and attended Bible College during my teenage years. This was exciting, but difficult and unsettling years for me. At 21 God called me to Adelaide College of Ministries where I trained in ministry leadership. It was here that I grew and established my own personal faith. In 1985, I married Peter Thomson and had three children. Jessica, Christopher and Luke.

I became involved in the Women’s Ministry team at Prospect Baptist Church (now CityReach), and eventually took up the leadership role. In 1997 Pete and I were led to begin Cedar College, an R – 12 Christian School, and together God enabled us to establish a great school where we have seen the wonderful way God has worked in and through our lives.

I recently retired from my part-time role at Cedar, to work full-time at CityReach where I am now Office Manager and Director of Women’s Ministry and Events.

We have faced many hard and exciting challenges. Jessica (31), daily endures the difficulties of living with spina bifida, but now lives on her own and enjoys her independence. We lost Christopher (16) to a brain tumor in 2004, but were able to come out of that, acknowledging the hope that we have in our wonderful God. In 2015, we enjoyed seeing our son Luke (26) marry a wonderful girl, Simone, and they worship at CityReach West.

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