Lillian Margellos


I was born in Copenhagen Denmark just after WW2 ended. My parents had returned from Sweden after spending the war there as Jewish refugees, avoiding  the Nazi occupation.

At the age of 11, my parents migrated to Adelaide seeking a better life for our family. I was saved at the age of 17 when our youth group was taken to Norwood Oval for a gospel meeting.

From then I knew I was different but with no follow up there was no growth. 

After completing my nursing studies  I was married and had 2 children. In 1974 my son died of SIDS just 3 months old. The shock and pain was excruciating and relentless.

Easter Saturday 1975, I was  invited to a church showing the movie “A Thief in the Night”. There I returned to God. That Easter Sunday I returned to church and have been overwhelmed by his grace to me ever since . 

My daughter and her family also attend CityReach. She is a teacher and her husband is an Elder. My grandsons are involved in youth and music ministry. 

I am a Registered Mental Health Nurse and hold a Bachelor of Nursing Studies Degree. Last year I retired from Mental Health nursing after working 50 years in both in-patient units and community teams.

I am a currently studying Christian counselling through the Christian Counselling and Education Foundation (CCEF). I also serve as a volunteer in our Care and Counselling Centre.

In my spare time I reluctantly admit  to watching legal dramas on TV and going to movies showing psychological themes. 

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