Jeff Littlefair

Pastor of CityReach / Cedar Care Counselling Centre

Carole and I have been married 33 years, we have four adult children and five granddaughters and counting. Adelaide is a beautiful place to live and offers many blessing, Carole and I enjoy motorbike riding through the many picturesque places that surround Adelaide, spending time with our family and friends.

God opened the opportunity for me to serve in the role as Counselling and Care Pastor, as my wife and I waited on the Lords Direction He spoke to us through His Word and affirmed in our hearts that an opportunity would open up. For nearly a year we waited without a word to any other of what we felt the Lord had said. During that time I served as an Elder and was active in interviewing others for the role I would eventually fill. We interviewed man who were delightful and passionate, at least two were asked to take up the role, but at the last minute they had a change of heart, then without having disclosed what God had said to us I was asked to take up the role which we did in 2014.

The Elders vision was to establish a dedicated counselling centre, when this was laid before the Church they responded with Joy and gave many hours and over $250,000 to transform the premises we now serve in. Cityreach Care is made up of five full time and part time counsellors and careers, we also work alongside the counselling staff of Cedar College(R-12 School of 850. A ministry of Cityreach), four very dedicated and gifted people.

City Reach /Cedar care offers faith based counselling to our Church/school and community, believing that God meets all our needs powerfully through His word.  God is not distant, rather very near and wanting to speak into our brokenness and trials, reminding us that our Creator is also the Great physician; Psalm 103:3 – Who forgives all your iniquity, who heals all your diseases…

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