Spiritual Disciplines

We believe the Lord is leading His church to renewal during this season for the specific purpose of preparing His people to impact the world. To this end we are committed to providing resources and material that enable His people to grow in their knowledge and love for the Lord.

The following areas are ones in which we want to give our attention at this time as they draw us closer to the Lord in our own walk with the Lord.

Silence, Solitude + Sabbath

On the busiest and most chaotic seasons of his life Jesus spent time with the Father. It is important during this season to spend time with Jesus.

Practicing Silence + Solitude Practicing Sabbath

Spiritual Inventory

There are lots of ways to evaluate your physical or psychological health, but how do I know if I’m spiritually healthy? How can I identify areas of spiritual health?

We’ve provided three Spiritual Inventories that will help you evaluate where you are in those areas. At the end of this, the goal is to feel more hopeful and inspired for future growth. It’s important to approach this exercise with that outset “I’d like to continue to grow spiritually, and I want to take look at where things are. The goal is not to give myself a grade or to feel poorly about how things are going.”

Spiritual Revival Rediscover Sexual Purity Freedom through Forgiveness

Bible Reading

SOAP Bible Reading. This year we have challenged everyone to read the whole New Testament in a year. Keep up and be encouraged with Pastor Vincent and the daily examining of scripture.

Join the Facebook group here:

SOAP Facebook Group

Download the Term 4 Reading Plan here:

SOAP Reading Plan

Pastor Paul Bible Reading Plan. To gain access Pastor Paul’s bible reading plan click here.

Pastor Paul Bible Reading Plan

Evangelism & Outreach

As we are renewed as a church, we will have opportunities to share the gospel. Here is some teaching to equip you to share the word

Mission Mind The Missionary Plan Sermons

Recommended reading list

We have compiled a recommended reading list of resources that we believe we help renew you personally, spiritually and relationally.

Recommended Reading List

The Daily Walk Podcast