I was raised in a loving traditional Christian home and small country church in the Adelaide Hills. I’m so thankful for my Godly upbringing, giving me exposure to the gospel and God’s goodness from a young age.

Although I was brought up with God’s Word, and at age 8 asked Jesus to save me, in no real way did I relate to the gospel until my teens. When I was 16, I committed my life to God for the first time understanding truly my need for Him. Soon after making this commitment, I fell into bad influences and addictions. Only then did I truly grasp the gospel and what it meant to have my sins ‘nailed to His cross’ (Colossians 2:14). God gave me a passion for the gospel and a conviction to share it.

God very clearly led my beautiful wife, Jo, and I to CityReach and even more so to this awesome role as an intern! What a blessing to be mentored by precious Godly people and have the opportunity to lead precious youth to an intimate relationship with their Saviour.

Jo and I got married early 2018, and God is greatly using her to make me more like Christ every day. I currently juggle ministry, a Carpentry/Sheep shearing business and a luscious red beard, while Jo keeps busy as an optometrist. We love spending time with our family and friends – and enjoy the challenge of maintaining our ‘favourite uncle and aunty status’ with our gorgeous 11 (nearly 12!) nieces and nephews.


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