Community Groups are smaller groups of people who do life together

From the beginning, the Church has always been so much more than simply attending a weekly service. It has centred around groups of people coming together to share in community and commit to learning more about Jesus together (Acts 2:54 & 4:32-35)!                                                      That’s why we have Community Groups.

These are smaller groups of people who meet to build deep relationships, by being in each others lives, eating together, reading the Bible, worshiping God and praying together.

Getting involved in a Community Group means sharing your life with others who can share your burdens, celebrate your wins and, in the midst of your celebration and pain, point you to Jesus.

Every Community Group has an open door policy where all people from all walks of life are welcome to come. Whether you are just exploring Christianity or have been a Christian for years, we would love to connect you with a group.

To join a Community Group or for more info, email us today!

Current Locations

Not a Community Group currently near you? Let us know and we'd love to help out!

  • Flinders Park

    Western suburb of Adelaide.

  • Seaton/Hendon

    Western suburb of Adelaide.

  • Lockleys

    Western suburb of Adelaide.

  • Cheltenham/Oakden

    Western and northern suburbs of Adelaide.

  • Broadview

    Northern suburb of Adelaide.

  • Enfield

    Northern suburb of Adelaide.

  • Gilles Plains

    Northern suburb of Adelaide.

  • Aberfoyal Park

    Southern suburb of Adelaide.