Growth Pathways


Have you accepted the Lord Jesus as your Saviour, but haven’t yet been baptised?

Baptism is an opportunity for you to publicly declare that you have repented, believe in the gospel of Jesus, and are faithfully committed to Him. Baptism is a symbol of your spiritual death to your old way of life, and a symbol of being raised to a new life in Christ.

Join Ben Taylor as he gives a biblical rundown of what it means to be baptised, answers any questions you might have, and speaks with you individually about your desire to take this step!

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This is a course helpful for every disciple wanting to grow in their understanding of how to read and understand the Bible, be formed in their understanding of foundational truths of the Christian faith, and grow in assurance of their place and purpose in God’s grand story of redemption.

Big Story of the Bible is a 7-week course, run in workshop format by one of the West Elders will deepen your understanding of how God’s one story of redemption weaves consistently from Genesis through to Revelation and the implications that has for each of us.

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How can we be a church that reclaims and treasures the hard, yet God given and vital relationship of friendships?

Often, we can find the Church to be one of the hardest places to make friends. Yet it is in God’s family the Church, that God has placed us and called us to his good design for friendships that go far deeper than just ‘liking’ one another.

Be reminded of the depth and richness of God’s purpose for friendships, talk through challenges, expectations, and purpose of a biblical view of friendships, and discuss how we each can be pursuing God glorifying friendships at any stage of life.

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Our community groups are the primary place for day to day discipleship. They provide an opportunity to gather in small groups made up of a mix of people in homes across Adelaide, to be matured in Christ through Bible study, fellowship, and prayer.

Groups meet fortnightly on Tuesday or Wednesday evenings during school terms, and will be helping one another dig into the book of Hebrews for the first half of the year.

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