Join us from July 26th-28th, 2018 to be equipped to reach Adelaide with the gospel. You’ll receive word class teaching from our main speaker, Pastor Todd Wagner, who grew Watermark Community Church in Dallas TX from a handful of families to over 11,000 members. You’ll be inspired by CityReach Music, and equipped with real tools that you can take back into ministry. Register today.



All you need to do is tick the box that  they're coming along when you register, let us know what day's you'll need them cared for, and their names and ages. Our team of qualified children’s workers and helpers provide a safe and caring environment that is focused on building relationships with both children and their families. Simply sign in your children in the foyer upon arrival. For newborns, our parents’ room is available at the rear of the church if you need to feed or tend to your little one during conference.


Todd Wagner and a small group of friends established Watermark Community Church in Dallas, Texas in November 1999. Watermark was born out of a desire to connect people with the richness, adventure, and fullness of life that comes through Christ alone and to reach the unchurched, de-churched, dead- churched, and unmoved. Todd serves as Senior Pastor and Elder at Watermark, which has become one of the largest and fastest-growing churches in the United States. Watermark is also home to The Porch, one of the largest ministries to young adults in the country, as well as the Church Leaders Conference, which exists to encourage and challenge other leaders and faith communities with God’s vision for His Church.
Under Todd’s leadership, Watermark has been recognized as one of the top two “Best Places to Work” in Dallas-Fort Worth by The Dallas Morning News for the past five years. Out of conviction, Watermark has operated debt free since its inception.
Todd’s first published book, Come and See: Everything You Ever Wanted in the One Place You Would Never Look, was released in October 2017. He has been a keynote speaker at national and international leadership conferences and a guest contributor to The Dallas Morning News and other media outlets. His weekly video podcast, “Real Truth Real Quick” reaches tens of thousands of people each month.
Todd and his wife, Alex, alongside their six children and grandchild, love to live, laugh, and serve together in Dallas, Texas.

Reach Conference 2018 Program

Day 1 | Thursday 26th of July

7pm: Session #1 with Pastor Todd Wagner

9pm: Close

Day 2 | Friday 27th of July

9:30am: Session #2 with Pastor Timon Bengtson

11:00am: Morning Tea*

11:30am: Session #3 with Pastor Todd Wagner

12:15: Lunch*
1:30pm: Electives 1, 2, 3, 4
2:30pm: Afternoon Tea
3pm Electives 1, 2, 3, 4
4:00pm: Dinner Break

7pm: Session #4 with Pastor Todd Wagner

9pm Close.

Day 3 | Saturday 28th of July

9am: Session #5 with Pastor Todd Wagner

10:30am: Morning Tea*
11:15am: Elective 5, 6, 7, 8, 9
12:30pm: Lunch*
2pm: Elective 5, 6, 7, 8, 9
3pm: Afternoon Tea

3:30pm: Session #6 with Pastor Todd Wagner

5pm: Close

*(Morning Tea will be provided for free. Lunch will be available for a small cost from the CityReach Cafe)

We'll also be holding electives over the weekend


Elective #1
Nick Van Ruth and Cheryl Chapman with City Bible Forum | Strategies for Bringing Jesus into the Workplace

Our workplaces are our mission fields to spread the gospel, but sometimes we can feel blocked and stuck for ways to do this. This workshop draws from real world experience to suggest practical ways to break down those barriers and bring Jesus into your workplace. 

Elective #2
Dr. Les Crawford | Relational Apologetics

Relational apologetics suggests the best way to communicate persuasive reasons for your faith involves personal relationship, spiritual enabling, sound reasoning and a focus on Jesus.  Learn 8 principles to do this effectively.

Elective #3
Geoff Lin | Building a Church which Cares for those with Same
Sex Attraction

With the legalization of same-sex marriage, bible-believing Christians are in an even more challenging environment. How do we build a church which encourages every member, regardless of sexual preference, to live in accordance with God’s word and to grow in Christ-likeness? In this workshop we’ll move from theological convictions towards practical outcomes.

Elective #4
Dr. Tim Patrick | Loving a City in the Grips of a Post-Christian

After more than 1,500 years, Western Christendom is ending. ‘Christian’ nations are rejecting their heritage and churches are being marginalised. But the good news is that the New Testament shows us how to live faithfully and fruitfully in this situation.


Elective #5
James Mittlestadt | Thriving as a Christian in University

Uni is an awesome time of life – making new friends, exploring new ideas and working out who you are. How do we make sure we thrive (and not just ‘survive’) as a follower of Jesus?

Elective #6
Jeremy Wright & Kerri Aland | Counselling when you’re not a counsellor

People can be so complex and messy. Sure, you want to help – but how can you help with their mess if you’re not a trained counsellor? Let’s talk.

Elective #7
Jeff Littlefair and Diane Rose | Foundations for a Fulfilling Marriage

Because we are human, we can expect conflict in marriage.  How do we lovingly confront when issues undermining our relationship? Come and learn some effective tools that can transform our conflicts to greater closeness.

Elective #8
Kurt Mahlburg | Reaching your High School with the Gospel

Reaching a high school for the sake of Gospel mission can be tough. Let’s consider strategies for how both youth and youth leaders can partner together to reach unreached teenagers.  

Elective #9
Timon Bengtson | Evangelism that Works

Perhaps the most confronting part of the Christian life is personal evangelism. Why? Because it often involves witnessing to people that we have an ongoing relationship with. So come and learn how you can effectively leverage your current relationship for the sake of Gospel Mission.

Choose two per day when you go to register