Mission & Beliefs

Glory to God | Joy to the City


We exist to bring glory to God and joy to the city by planting churches that make disciples who live out their new identity, through community on mission.


Everyone can become a new
person through the gospel.


Everyone can experience authentic
community through the gospel.


Everyone can live with compelling
purpose through the gospel.

The gospel changes everything

Our Beliefs

God made everything and everyone. He rules the universe, and made us in His image. He is perfect and made us to know and serve Him.

The curse of sin entered the world through human disobedience and we were eternally destined for God’s wrath.

Two thousand years ago God sent His Son, Jesus Christ to earth. He lived a perfect and sinless life and was crucified in our place, taking on Himself the judgment we deserved. Three days after his death He rose from the dead, proving that He truly is the Son of God.

When we repent of our sin and accept the payment that he made on the cross for us, we receive the Holy Spirit and the security of eternal life with Him.

This is the gospel: the good news about Jesus Christ.