We are super keen to keep meeting together and supporting one another when we are unable to gather as a youth group!

To help us do this we will be utilising "Zoom" video conferencing (used by many schools, churches and universities) where our small group leaders will host video meetings so that we can stay connected and encourage one another.

Some important things to note:

  • Every meeting will have at least 2 of our adult leaders present.
  • Our leader will schedule a catch up meeting (likely on a Friday Night when Youth was) and send a link to the given email address. The leaders will have control over screens and audio.
  • Zoom can be accessed by an app (on ipad or phone) or a web browser. Zoom is very secure and used widely as a trusted source.

For parents, we encourage you to support your youth in staying connected! If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to be in touch.

By completing this form we accept it as your permission for us to contact your youth via video conference.


A youth movement encountering Jesus, loving radically, living purposefully.

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Hey Youth Family!

In our efforts to do our bit for the community to reduce the likelihood of further spread of COVID-19 and to follow health-care recommendations we will not be meeting for OVERFLOW (Friday Night Youth) for at least most of term 2.

Though we are sad this is the case we think it’s the right decision to protect those who are vulnerable in our community. 👍

We are trusting that this is part of God’s plan and that he works all things for the good of those who love him! We don’t need to panic or be afraid because we know it’s in his hands. 🙌

We get to show compassion instead of fear, love instead of selfishness and peace instead of panic. 🙏

This is our opportunity as a younger generation to think creatively how we can serve and contribute to our communities. ❤️

It’s still our heart that we see a youth movement encountering Jesus, loving radically and living purposefully! 💥

And so we encourage you to stay in touch with your leaders and small groups, to keep encouraging one another and to keep pursuing what it means to follow Jesus. ✍️

Our leaders are working through ways where possible we can still connect and meet with you as smaller groups. We encourage you to participate! 😄

We will keep providing opportunities to engage through our website www.cityreach.com.au/oakden/youth so stay up to date there of some awesome content coming to you soon!

Please do not hesitate to get in touch if you have any questions if we can help in any way.

Oli and the Youth Team


Our weekly 6pm service is a place to gather as church to worship God, hear relevant Bible teaching and hang out together. This gathering with great music and teaching is aimed at youth and young adults - come and join us!